The journey begins.

My father once told me that when I was a little child my nickname was “Happy”. I’ve always relished the notion that I was a joyful enough person to warrant such a name.  The thought sadly occurred to me earlier today that, 50-plus years later, it may no longer be appropriate – or at least, not as often as one would like.

This thought process began after reading an article in the May/June issue of Weight Watchers magazine (wonderfully captured and written by Katerina Gkionis with photography credit to Sarah Silver).  The article, a three part special report called The New Healthy, is simply (and aptly) titled – I am beautiful.

It brought me to tears.  And to this journey.  It breaks my heart when others struggle so I try my best (and to be clear, not always successfully) to be a champion.  I have not, however, been very kind to myself.  I am more often than not un-happy with my own body image (see above re: WW magazine) and self esteem (which may be surprising to some/most).  That changes now.

With simple, powerful words – written for the world to see or not – I begin the journey of finding my way back to my happier self.

Think I’ll start with happy hour – cheers!





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